Boilers should be completely serviced and checked at least once every year by a Gas Safe Registered professional if you want them to function properly. Boiler Repair is also needed as well, if required. By getting them serviced at least once in every year, you can simply go longer way to notably enhance the lifespan and effectiveness of the boiler. Moreover, by getting the boilers repaired and serviced regularly, you can significantly lower the risks of potential breakdowns in future while saving money on your monthly energy bills.

Benefits of boiler servicing

Here are the key benefits of having the boiler repaired.

Enhanced efficacy – A regular boiler service and repair can significantly enhance the efficiency of the boiler. It can improve the efficacy by as much as 15 percent and that certainly results in a greener home with less electricity bills. Regular inspection and servicing ensure that the boiler uses energy in an efficient manner and doesn’t produce high heating bills.

Better reliability – Regular and timely boiler servicing and essential repairs ensures less chances for breakdowns and that can lead to a more comfortable and convenient life for the occupants.

Less chance for poisoning due to carbon monoxide – Each year, many residents in the United Kingdom die owing to carbon monoxide poisoning that takes place due to faulty gas tools and equipment. And thus, it is important that you protect your property against such disasters by getting the boiler serviced. Not only carbon monoxide, overall gas leaks can also be prevented by regular maintenance of the boiler and keep your home safe.

Extended boiler life – A yearly servicing of the gas boiler ensures that you can use the same for the longer time possible.

Convenient servicing – Rather than waiting for the boiler to breakdown, it would be better to have the boiler serviced and repaired. Choose a convenient time to get it serviced and repaired, if necessary.

Boiler cover claims – If you have boiler coverage, the homeowners insurance provider will require you to produce boiler service record to honour boiler repairs claims. And thus it is needed to service and repair the same by a Gas Safe Registered contractor. To ensure establishing insurance claim (if needed), Boiler Repair is a must.

A comprehensive boiler service includes the following:
● Testing all the parts of the boiler
● Cleaning all the components and boiler pipes
● Replacement of any faulty tools and parts

By law, it is required that the homeowners ensure that entire gas appliances installed in their home including boiler are functioning perfectly. Remember to service the boiler once every year to protect your home, yourself and your family from any unwanted incident. This is also needed to ensure that the equipment is working safely, properly and effectively. In a nutshell, it can be said that annual boiler servicing is needed to ensure its reliability and dependability so it can provide heat and hot water all through the year.