As you know, boilers play an important role for uninterrupted household warming and hot water supply. They preserve the comfort level of your home by functioning in a perfect manner. But Worcester boiler repair often becomes essential as it starts malfunctioning. Regular maintenance helps averting ceaseless repairs while saving on overall costs. Regular maintenance is also highly recommended to avoid any sort of boiler-related accidents and keep up household safety as well as enhance the efficacy of the boiler while extending its healthy lifespan.

Things to take care of to avoid boiler issues

Here are some common boiler issues that need repairs/replacement.

  • Flues and air vents – Blocked air vents often hamper the normal functioning of the boiler. As it comes to boilers, dirt can accumulate in flues and vents and as a result it may cause blockage. So it would be a good idea to regularly inspect the flues and the vents. And if you see any blockage, clear it immediately to ensure free passage for air. However, if you can’t, call a professional.
  • Leaks – This is very common during normal boiler usage. Fuel or gas can leak though the boiler valves. And if it happens, you need to make some urgent adjustments in the boiler system. However, if there is any worn out or damaged part, you may need to get it repaired and even replaced, if needed.
  • Water level – Checking the water level of the boiler every fortnight is simply a must. If the boiler runs without water, it may damage it badly and make it unserviceable. It may also cause unwanted incidents while endangering the lives of the occupants. So make sure you put the pilot light on while checking water level. If the level is below minimum, check the plumbing on an urgent basis and repair the faults. Nevertheless, in most cases some minor adjustments are enough to get it back to normal state.
Boiler Repair
  • Lubrication – Lubricate the boiler on a regular basis to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire mechanical system of the device. Boilers benefit from regular lubrication because this supports its normal working capacity. Be especially careful about lubricating boiler parts including pumps and fan that regularly remain in motion. Otherwise, you may need to undertake Worcester boiler repair.
  • De-scaling – This is a must especially if you reside in an area where you struggle with hard water. Hard water gives rise to unwanted lime-scale accumulation inside the boiler. And this keeps the machine from working to its normal. If you allow the lime-scale to accumulate further, the heating capacity of the appliance will surely be hampered. So descale the boiler regularly to let it work efficiently.
  • Flushing – Flushing is another good idea for healthy functioning of the boiler. Clear entire water from your boiler a few times every year. It would be even better to do it after the winter months while the boiler was in its full capacity. Grit, dirt and lime-scale are likely to accumulate inside the boiler. So flush out water from the appliance and clean its interior completely. Add some new gaskets prior to refilling.

These are a few of the many factors to be taken care of for normal functioning of your boiler.